Booking FAQ

How do I get a Dairy Promotion day booked for my school:


Work with the teachers in your school and organize a minimum of 3 teachers who would like to have programs offered in their classroom on the same day.  Decide on times and assign a contact person for the day to schedule the booking.  ( To complete the form the contact person will need to know contact info, room numbers, student numbers, and classroom technology for each teacher.)

Why do we have to have a minimum of 3 programs scheduled for the same day to have a Dairy Promotion Presentation? 

In order to accommodate as many Brown County classrooms as possible in all of the school districts, we need to keep booking scheduled efficiently and resourcefully.  It also helps to create excitement with the students as well as maximize scheduling during a grade level's unit curriculums. 

How much time should I plan for?

Each presentation is 45 minutes, if booking back to back, leave 15 minutes between classes.


Can I have a different grade level presentation for my class?

No, programs are grade specific and geared towards that age level.


What is the preferred number of classes per presentation?

1or 2 classes at a time- smaller groups are more engaged.


Will you present to just one class in one school on one day?

NO! To keep things efficient and budget friendly we need to have at least 3 presentations per school per day.  Each class has their own presentation, just back to back if possible. Try to fill a morning or afternoon block for your school. Book with a friend!  It's ok if there is break during lunch or recess between bookings. 

How many classroom presentations do you need to come to our school?

You must schedule at least 3 presentations per booking request.


Do I have to fill out a form?

YES! This is the document that is sent to your presenter to help them plan for your event!  


I completed the booking request form - now what?

First: You will receive an automated confirmation of the email receipt from and then

Second:  Within 1 week you will receive an email to confirm your booking if that date is available and you have completed all of the information on the form.  If your date is not available or if we need additional information to complete your booking we will communicate with you via email. 

1-2 weeks before your presentation you will receive a reminder email. Please confirm that everything is correct and reply if changes are necessary.

Presentation Day:  On your presentation day your presenter will check in that school office and then work the presentation schedule as originally set up by the contact person. 

Post Presentation: Following your presentation you may receive a survey about your presentation experience. All surveys results are anonymous and used only to improve and further expand our programs and presenters.