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Want to teach your students about agriculture at your own pace,  but need some ideas or free materials?  Brown County Dairy Promotions is pleased to offer the following s (RBLC) to the educators of Brown County FREE OF CHARGE! These centers contain all of the items you need to complete an agriculture-based activity plus many of additional resources and activity ideas for most grade levels. Resources may include books, videos, activity pages, posters, and informational sheets to assist you in educating your students on the different topics of the RBLC. See the table of contents list for each center below for complete list of contents!

* These Kits are designed to be taught by classroom teacher

* The RBLC are available for check-out in two week increments.

* Can be  picked up at the Extension office or delivered to your school - choose option on the RBLC Form below

*More than one teacher at the same school can use the kit at the same time!

* There are many other activities ideas for other grade levels in each kit (not  just the one pictured).

* Use the Red Barn / Teacher Presented Kit request form below the kit descriptions


* Online resources & curriculum are also available.


All About Corn & Popcorn
All About Dairy
All About the Earth
All About Wisconsin Farms
All About Pizza
All About Maple Syrup
Soy Bean Baby
Soy Bean Science Kit
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All About Corn & Popcorn! (grades K-5)

Students will enjoy learning about corn, popcorn, and their impact in Wisconsin.



Grade K-2 Activity: Make a Paper Corn Stalk
Grade 3-5 Activity: Make Biodegradable Corn Plastic from corn ingredients (microwave needed)


Also included:

-Complete popcorn unit with activities, lesson plans, bulletin board layout, etc (grade 3-4)
-Corn geography, history, trivia, field corn vs. sweet corn, ethanol, biodiesel, biodegradable resources
-Corn germination activity (grades k-4)
-Video – Watch Popcorn Pop
-Posters (2)
-Children’s story books (3)

Bonus: Students receive a copy of the Amazing Corn activity booklet (produced by the Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board) filled with fun activities and additional fun facts.




All About Dairy! (grades K-1)

Build your own cow and learn all about cows! Let students get creative designing their dairy cow. For a fun study guide, let them decorate the front and take notes about “dairy” interesting facts on the back.


This kit is best for the younger grades, but does contain videos and a few activities for other grades.


Ready to Teach Activity:

Grade K-1 Activity: Make a Cow Puppet Instructions


Also Included:

Table of Contents




Teachers receive a copy of the Dairy Ag Mag, a Farm Bureau publication.




All About the Earth (grades 2-5)

Learn about the Earth and Earth Day through books and projects! Also can be used in conjunction with solar system units and water cycle units. Make every day Earth Day!


Ready to Teach Activity:

Grade 2-5 Activity: Make an Earth Bracelet


Also Included:

-Save our soil activity directions (grade 3-4)
-Make recycled side-walk chalk directions
-Windmill facts and activity idea
-Water terrarium idea – Water Cycle
-Worm world (Grade k-3) activity directions
-Children’s story books
-Wisconsin and Brown County agriculture facts
-Table of Contents




All About Wisconsin Farms! (grades K-6)

Students will enjoy learning about the different type of farms in Wisconsin as well as in depth learning on dairy farms and the families that operate them!


Ready to Teach Activity:
Grade K-2 Activity: Make a Farm Charm


Also included:
-Food systems of the world lesson plan (grades 4-6)
-Farming in Wisconsin lesson plan (grades 4-6)
-Farming for kids lesson plan and video (grade k-4)
-10 things kids want to know about farming DVD (grades 2-5)
-Children’s story books (3)
-Cd-Rom lesson plans: Farming fun facts (grade 4-6)
-Cd-Rom lesson plans: Wisconsin food & farms (grade 4-6)
-Table of Contents


Bonus: Teachers receive a copy of the Career Ag Mag, a Farm Bureau publication. Students receive free placemat size worksheets to learn from!



All About Pizza! (grades K-2)

Kids love pizza and they will love making their own while learning important facts about pizza and its ingredients.


Ready to Teach Activity:

Grade K-2 Activity: Make a Pizza Plate


Also Included:

-Wisconsin dairy farm facts
-Wisconsin dairy product facts
-Wisconsin cheese


Bonus: Teachers receive a copy of the Pizza Ag Mag, a Farm Bureau publication




All About Maple Syrup (grades K-4)

Students will enjoy learning all about how maple syrup is made, the trees that it comes from and the syrup industry in Wisconsin.


Ready to Teach Activity:

Make a Pipe Cleaner Maple Tree (k-3)


Also included:

-Facts & history of maple syrup
-Video – How to make syrup – 35 minutes
-Maple sugar game (grades 2-4)
-Syrup vocabulary




Students receive a free coloring book all about the maple syrup process.




Soy Bean Baby (grades K-3)

Students will enjoy growing soybean plants and can even wear them! Students will also have the opportunity to learn more about this important Wisconsin crop and germination.



Grade K-3 Activity: Grow a Soy Bean Baby

Also Included:

-Bio-diesel introduction
-Basic soybean facts
-Story books
-Work sheets & handouts
-Table of Contents



Soy Bean Science Kit (grades 4-9)

Wisconsin Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) has been offered an exciting opportunity to partner with the Wisconsin Soybean Program in educating Wisconsin elementary and middle school teachers and their students about soybeans and their many uses in food, household products, newspaper ink, and alternative fuels.

The Soybean Science Kit and curriculum, designed by researchers at Purdue University, uses soybeans to introduce students in grades 4-9 to science and its fundamentals, highlighting the principles of using biological, renewable resources. The kit will include everything necessary for 30 students to participate in 21 hands-on experiments and exercises. It also includes two biotechnology lessons, an interactive CD-ROM and an instructional video tape. All lessons are aligned to National Science Education Standards.

All of the supplies needed to conduct the experiments are included in the kit – a $400 value. The kit is available free of charge for you to check out and use with your students. Brown County Dairy Promotions will restock the kit with supplies as needed.

More information is available online at:

You can request the kit by completing the below request form.

We ask that you:

  • * Make note of any supplies that are low and need to be restocked.

  • * Provide usage information on the kit by keeping track of how many teachers and students used the lessons and/or materials in the kit.




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